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On hold. check this out for updated details:…

Sooo, I've been holding off opening comissions, mostly because I never really felt my art was worth paying for (And I still don't, actually) But I kind of need some money, so I guess it doesn't hurt to try, right? =p

- Pencil drawing: $5 (+ $4 for aditional character)
- Pencil drawing digitally coloured: $8 (+ $7 for aditional character)
- Pencil coloured drawing: $10 (+ $9 for aditional character)
- Pencil comic page: $8
Example:… (Obviously it will be a bigger size)
- Colored comic page: $11
Example: (Lacking. Will be updated soon)

Keep in mind, if the character if too complex or too simple, the prices might go a bit higher or lower. Be sure to contact me before payment.

- I'll draw anything, but keep in mind that what you see at my gallery is usually what I'm best at, meaning that vehicles, animals, and realistic stuff aren't a good choice.

- You must allow me to post your comission in whatever place I want to. You're always going to get a 300 dpi for yourself, though

- You must provide reference for what you want me to draw.

- I'll only start the comission after the payment. Don't worry, you can trust me ;)

Via Paypal only. Contact me with a private message, or through (works for e-mail, paypal and MSN)
Plokman626 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2010  Student Digital Artist
I might commission. If I got any money next month. Just so I can help you out for all the stuff you've done for me.
IanDimas Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2010
You should only do it if you really want it though, no need to feel like you owe me something =)
Plokman626 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2010  Student Digital Artist
I understand. I mean your helping me with Plokman's Misadventure and all. But I think I'll buy a Commission just for the heck of it. ^^
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